Jill McLaren 
Karen Wongs at St Leonards, it’s simply the best Chinese food in the world, and Karen is the greatest hostess. 
Michael J-
An Evening with Ms.Wong After having popped into Karen Wongs a couple of times for Prawn crackers on the way back from work in the past, last night I decided to pop on for a full meal with my girlfriend.I had just been paid and was eager to celebrate the new rise in the national minimum wage by lowing the whole of the years extra money in one go. Both of us were famished, so the immediate helping of prawn crackers was very welcome, as was the unasked for refill when we had demolished them. The waiters were very attentive and Karen was keen to make sire that we were ok/au faith with chopsticks. The food came quickly and was beautifully presented. Flavours were superb. We had duck in plum sauce which had crispy skin, and auberfines in a slightly spicy sauce. That was enough for the two of us; A “Punky Penguin” ice cream would have been nice for afters , but I had nowhere to put it 
Excellent food and a Wonderful Host
Having made the snap decision to eat out with 7 of my friends last Saturday evening, we couldn’t have ended us in a better place than Karen Wong’s Chinese Restaurant just. Not only the food a referhing change for the usual stodgy MSG-laden stuff that passes for Chinese food in far too many restaurants, Mrs Wongs is a wonderfully welcoming hostess and genuinely entertaining as well. Whilst I am sure you could have a perfectly enjoyable meal there for 2, I suspect that it is slightly larger groups that Mrs Wong enjoys looking after that most. She buzzed around our tables making sure that people picked the right dishes, enjoyed the best beer and tea, and could use their chopsticks. It wasn’t over-the-top or formulaic, but the actions of someone who obviously cared about the customer experience and the food that was on offer 

Karen Wongs is superb.
Karen is a mad, friendly and welcoming as ever. If possible, shes even more chatty!
The Food , well that’s as good if not better than it ever was. It will be hard,if not impossible to get better Chinese food anywhere in Edinburgh. Karen’s was never the cheapest Chinese Restaurant, and Karen Wongs is similarly priced. Its not expensive, but you DO get what you pay for. And then some.
Karen Wongs very highly Recommended

Dave & Geoof - 
You have got to go to Karen Wongs we came across it by accident we work in Edinburgh thur to sun and go there each time we come up. The food is brilliant, the staff great and Karen Wong is a Brilliant, Brilliant host she entertains everyone always happy! Definate 10 out of 10 for her restaurant. 


The first time I tried this place it was purely out of convenience, as it's 2 seconds' walk from my flat, but now I get takeaways from there simply because it's soooooo good!

In fact, the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the hour or so you usually have to wait if you order on a friday or saturday night. But that iin itself should give you an indication of how popular this place is. It's mainly a restaurant, and although I've always got my food to takeaway every time I go to collect it at least half the tables are occupied, and there's a nice buzz to the place.

I sound like a complete takeaway-food junkie... I assure you I'm not! In fact I'm really high-maintenance and fussy when it comes to getting a carry-out: I don't do it often, so when I do I like to know that it's going to be good.

Their crispy seaweed starter is definitely something you should try, even if you've had it before. The portion is enormous, for one thing, and it's so crispy and fresh-tasing it's hard to believe you just served it out of a disposable tupperware box! As far as main courses go, there are way to many that I love, so I'm not going to try and pick just one to describe on here. If you still have room at the end though, you have to try their various Toffee-d fruits.

They ask that you allow 30 minutes prep time for this, which is great because a) it means that the toffee is freshly-made, and b) you have a chance to digest some of your dinner by the time it arrives!

They do á la carte, as well as pre-theatre and a special banquet, depending how much you want to spend.